A Year of Events

Join us as we celebrate ten years of Stanford PACS. In partnership with our affiliates, there will be more opportunities than ever to engage with research and programming of Stanford PACS and SSIR.

Stanford PACS 10th Anniversary Celebration

October 6

Featuring Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen (Founding Advisory Board Chair of the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society) in conversation with Dr. Judith Rodin President of the Rockefeller Foundation on the power of connecting scholars, practioners, and leaders to catalyze positive social change.

With Faculty Co-Directors Paul Brest, Woody Powell, & Rob Reich & Executive Director Kim Meredith.

The evening is by invitation only.

Book Launch: Philanthropy and Democratic Societies

October 27

A panel discussion and book launch event with Lucy Bernholz, Paul Brest, Woody Powell, Rob Reich and Leif Wenar celebrating the release of the book, Philanthropy in Democratic Societies.

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Paul Brest Hall, 
555 Salvatierra Walk, Stanford, CA

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/philanthropy-in-democratic-societies-tickets-28166833758

Philanthropy is everywhere. In 2013, in the United States alone, some $330 billion was recorded in giving, from large donations by the wealthy all the way down to informal giving circles. We tend to think of philanthropy as unequivocally good but philanthropy is also an exercise of power. And like all forms of power, especially in a democratic society, it deserves scrutiny. Yet it rarely has been given serious attention. Philanthropy in Democratic Societies brings together expert philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, historians, and legal scholars to ask fundamental and pressing questions about philanthropy’s role in democratic societies. This special book launch event features contributing authors in a broad and engaging conversation about the role of philanthropy in democratic societies.