Connecting scholars, practitioners, and leaders

For 10 years Stanford PACS has developed 

and shared knowledge to improve philanthropy 

and strengthen civil society.


The Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (StanfordPACS), founded in 2006, is a leading global interdisciplinary research center on philanthropy and civil society. Our mission is to develop and share knowledge to improve philanthropy, strengthen civil society, and effect social change. By encouraging shared intellectual space where students, scholars, and practitioners connect, Stanford PACS informs policy and social innovation, philanthropic investment, and non profit practice, and publishes the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR).

Stanford PACS sponsors interdisciplinary research throughout all levels of the university community, which is then disseminated across the world through our courses, workshops and events. And, in publishing SSIR, Stanford PACS uniquely bridges research and practice for an online global audience.


Expanding our reach

Growing presence and research at Stanford Peking University in Beijing

Undertaking globally-minded research in Europe and Australia

Connecting with international philanthropic and civil society sectors, including hosting cross-Atlantic convenings

Expanding the Junior Scholars Forum to Europe and engaging international scholars in local convenings

Hosting a “World Tour” of the Digital Civil Society Lab to bring ethical and practical frameworks to the use of data in civil society around the world

Creating online video channels at SSIR and live-streaming Stanford PACS public events for global audiences

Building the field

Support graduate and undergraduate interdisciplinary research on topics of civil society and philanthropy

Increase graduate student support for PhD fellows and post-doctoral fellows

Deepen the engagement with Stanford University and visiting professors in the yearlong PhD Workshop at Stanford PACS – the founding program of Stanford PACS

Expand research projects including the Effective Philanthropy Lab, the Digital Civil Society Lab, and the Stanford Project on the Evolution of the Nonprofit Sector to engage additional students in internships, research assistance, PhD and post-doctoral work, and practitioner engagement

Continue to collaborate with the Haas Center for Public Serves and the Career Development Center Impact Careers team to support and mentor undergraduate students who want to pursue hybrid careers

Improving the practice 

Advance the breadth of SSIR through enhanced media channels including webinars, podcasts, online learning opportunities

Empower SSIR to lead the field of inquiry around important questions of social innovation through a new investigative journalism program

Expanding our reach through increased international engagement

Launching a redesigned web resource for nonprofits and foundations to build capacity and explore policy recommendations around digital data use

Through these, and many more programs and initiatives, Stanford PACS and SSIR bridge research to practice to connect scholars, practitioners, and leaders in a way few other places can or do.

And, all Stanford PACS work is avail be to you. Public events are video recorded and archive and can be watched on our website. Publications and research can also be found online. In addition to online resources, you can join us in person at public events on Stanford’s campus and around the world. Register for our e-news and event announcements by joining the Stanford PACS email list and SSIR’s e-news list.

For more information, please contact us.